The CKMfitter group provides:

Plots & Results
Preliminary results as of EPS-HEP 15
(updated August 2015)

Specific Studies
Prospective studies on
K+→π+νν and KL→π0νν rare kaon decays

(updated August 2015)

Current status of the Standard Model CKM fit and constraints on ΔF=2 New Physics
arXiv:1501.05013 [hep-ph] and list of inputs and results
Future sensitivity to new physics in Bd, Bs and K mixings
arXiv:1309.2293 [hep-ph] and additional plots

CKM14: "CKM fits: from SM parameters to NP searches" (indico)
and "World average and experimental overview of γ/φ3" (indico)