State-of-the-Art Results (2007 summer conferences: EPS HEP '07, Manchester, England and LP '07, Daegu, Korea)
State-of-the-Art Results (2007 Winter conferences: Moriond '07, La Thuile, Italy and FPCP '07, Slovenia)
State-of-the-Art Results (2006 Summer conferences: ICHEP '06, Moscow, Russia and BEAUTY '06, Oxford, England)
State-of-the-Art Results (2006 Winter conferences: FPCP '06, Vancouver, Canada)
State-of-the-Art Results (2005 Summer conferences: EPS '05, Lisbon, Portugal)
State-of-the-Art Results (2005 Summer conferences: Lepton-Photon '05, Uppsala, Sweden)
Winter conferences 2005: Moriond and San Diego CKM Workshop)
CKM Constraints from Charmless B Decays as of 2004
Results as of ICHEP conference, summer 2004

Results as of Winter Conferences, 2004
Results as of Lepton-Photon Conference, summer 2003
Results as of ICHEP Conference, july 2002
Results as of Winter Conferences, 2002
Results as of Lepton-Photon, July 2001
(new sin2beta from Belle)
Results as of EPS, July 2001
(new sin2beta from BABAR)
Results as of May, 2001 (from hep-ph/0104062.)
CKM constraints from charmless B decays as of 2002
Illustrative Plots
Prophecies for 2005, 2010